My name is John P. Harden, PhD. I am a consultant and data scientist in the NYC area!

I have an advanced understanding of statistical analysis and machine learning, qualitative research methods, and end-to-end surveys and experiments. I am a skilled communicator, project lead, and mentor. I have additional experience in vendor management, business consulting, presentations, data storytelling, dashboard creation, negotiating, and project management. I am advanced in Python, R, SQL, Tableau, and Qualtrics. You can find my GitHub at https://github.com/JohnHarden91.

My published academic research leveraged mixed-methods approaches to explain how narcissism impacts strategic decision-making and bargaining. My teaching focused on the intersection of data science, psychology, and strategic behavior.

I just completed my role as a lead researcher at Dartmouth College's Dickey Center. Before earning my PhD in Political Science with a focus on International Relations and Psychology from Ohio State University, I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science with a focus on International Relations and Finance from City University of New York: Hunter College. If you are interested in learning more or have any questions, please contact me at JohnHarden91@gmail.com

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Harden, John P. "Looking Like a Winner: Leader Narcissism and Wartime Decision-Making." Journal of Conflict Resolution (2023).

Harden, John P. "All the World’s a Stage: US Presidential Narcissism and International Conflict." International Studies Quarterly (2021). 

Selection of News Coverage and Public Commentary:

Harden, John P. "On Narcissism and War" for IGCC's Political Violence @ a Glance (11/2022)

Interviewed by Politico for "2022: the Year We All Finally Got Tired of Narcissists?" (12/2022)

Interviewed by Newsweek for "How Can We Predict a Nuclear War?" (11/2022)

Interviewed by Salon for "Narcissistic presidents get us into longer wars, according to a new study" (9/2022)

Interviewed by Newsweek for "The Most Narcissistic Presidents in Modern U.S. History Ranked" (9/2022)

Courses Taught: